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None of the following links, jokes or stories are original to me. I have found them in various magazines, Roundtable handouts, etc. I even have a tee-shirt with the "Top 10 Reasons Why I'm In Scouting" on it (Thanks, Jan!). I have given proper attribution whenever possible. They are provide simply as a means of lightening the awesome responsibility of leading America's youth.

fdl The 16 1/2 Rumors about Scouting spacer from Gary's Scout Page

fdl Top 10 Reasons Why I'm In Scouting

fdl Top 10 Reasons Not To Be An Eagle Scout spacer from Troop 85, Beaumont, Tx.

fdl You Might Be Taking Scouting Too Seriously If:

fdl Klondike Derby: How much fun can you stand?

fdl Scout Letter from Summer Camp

fdl Dear Mom-Another Scout Letter from Summer Camp

fdl The Top 10 Pick-up Lines You Can Use When Wearing Your Scout Uniform

fdl You Just Might Be A Scoutmaster If:

fdl Desert Survival

fdl Pinocchio




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