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During our week at Camp Squanto this summer, several of our older Scouts worked on the Woodcarving Merit Badge. They did a terrific job on it and their results sparked an interest in the subject with most of the other Scouts, as well as some of the adults (myself included). Since I have no first-hand knowledge on the subject, I did what was natural for me and turned to the Internet. I have included several of the web sites that I think do a good job of explaining the subject to the novice and the experienced carver. Enjoy.

fdl Merit Badge Central - Woodcarving Merit Badge

fdl 1997 National Jamboree Wood Carving Merit Badge


fdl Woodcarving, Introductory Primer to Carving

fdl New England Wood Carver's

fdl World Wide Woodcarver E-zine

fdl The Carving Bench

fdl Bob Reitmeyer, Whittler - Wood Craft Supplies for Scouts




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