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In addition to the software listed above, I have extensively used the "Print Shop Deluxe" products from Broderbund Software, Inc. with great results. I have produced yearly and monthly calendars to hand out at Pack meetings, business cards for all of our leaders and, I feel most importantly, numerous certificates. Certificates are an often overlooked way of saying "Thanks" to a parent that helped at an activity or "Congratulations" to a Scout for a job well done.

We present certificates to our top five popcorn salesman, Scouts who have had perfect attendance at den meetings or as additional awards at a Pinewood Derby. Some of the categories that we use are: Best Paint Job, Most Unique and Best Truck (or whatever our yearly theme is to promote variety).

We also have our "Helping Hand" award and our "Unsung Hero" awards for parents who help behind the scenes. Over the years, I have heard many Scout leaders bemoan the fact that parents don't get involved. From our experience, this awards "program" has helped us get terrific parental involvement. We now have a set crew of 10 dads who are our Pinewood Derby committee and cover all aspects of setting up and running the Derby. The Pack leaders just oversee the operation. We also have a Popcorn "Kernel" that runs our popcorn program. These have taken a tremendous burden off of the Pack leadership and made it a better overall program for the Scouts.

Never overlook the importance of saying Thanks!



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