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Scout Letter from Summer Camp


(Circle the items in parentheses that apply)

Dear (Mom, Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, dog, cat, other)

I am here at (Camp Cedars, The Rain Forest, Hot Dog Heaven, other) and I am sending you this letter because (you told me to write, my tent mate dared me to, it was this or eat another hot dog, I need more money, the scoutmaster said I had to, other).

The weather here is (don't ask, they want me to say great, pretty wet - we start building the ark tomorrow, so hot you can start a fire on the scoutmaster's head, so bad that we have to have tornado drills twice a day and even the wild turkeys head for the ditches, other).

Today we (played in poison ivy, learned first aid after taking wood carving, learned that a latrine is deep and you don't go after a dropped flashlight, other). We also (made a staff member jump in the pool in his Class A uniform, ate too many Pixie Stix, saw a deer, learned a new camp song - has anyone seen the camp ranger's dog lately?, other).

You ought to see my tent. Did you know that (bugs can see in the dark, a mouse is funny - in someone else's tent, raccoons really do like Lifesavers, other)? My tent mate and I share our tent with (457 spiders, 5 snakes, 1,849 mosquitoes, 984 flies, 76 moths, something dead, other).

I really do miss (my cat/dog/other family pet, brother/sister, mowing the lawn, air conditioning, real food, other).

But the staff here is (wonderful, outstanding, fantastic, awesome, standing right behind me). I'm going to enter a camp contest to (find the most ways to use hot dogs, have the most skin area covered with mosquito bites, go the most days in the same pair of underwear, add the most verses to the 'Announcements' song, other).

This week we have been taking merit badge classes. My favorite merit badge is (mudskiing down Blackfoot, lunch, Trading Post 101, other).

Parents' night is Wednesday. The staff says we'll be having a special meal. We're supposed to have (not sure, something dead, I don't know - but the cook was singing "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener" song, other). When you come out, please bring (more money, dry clothes, a case of Twinkies, change for the pop machines, other).

Well, I have to go now. We are getting ready to (go on a hike, find the lost scoutmaster, untie a staff member, see the girls at the Trading Post, other).

Your scout,